L'Io mancante

Title:                   L’IO Mancante
Authors:               Paolino Cantalupo, Aldo Caratenuto,
                             Aldo Masullo, Sergio Piro
Published by       Loggia de’ Lanzi - Firenze, 1997, pp.115

"Being is openness, possibility, plan, never structure and identity".
According to this treatise, mental illness involves not a loss but an excess of identity. Delirium is the delirium of being identical and not open, when being is by nature multiple. Multiple and changing.
New therapies then must aim not to consolidate the ego, but to transform anf multiply it.
The treatise deals with the demise of the concept of identity, and describes the shifting proliferation of selves in each of us. It reverses Freudian psychoanalytic theories impressively, interpreting the Oedipus not as a tragedy of incestuous sexuality but as a tragedy of identity and power.
It is the consolidation of a single form of the self above all other possible forms that can lead to decompensation, illness, and even insanity.
In this new way a philosopher, a psychoanalyst and two psychiatrists describe the human condition in terms of incompletess but also of openness, possibility and desire.
In conclusion an outline is given of the techiques of a Transformational Anthropology that will help in the crossing of that "desert that extends beyond the ancient ruins of the ego".


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